Sushi Bowl, Hamada


Lunch at a restaurant by the fishing port in Hamada, Shimane, Japan.

I love Sushi Bowl   🙂

5 thoughts on “Sushi Bowl, Hamada

  1. Thank you for visiting my website and the lovely comment. Sushi bowl is one of my favorite Japanese cuisine so will I upload some more sushi bowl from different eating places 🙂

  2. I still try to figure how to browse your website… I think I’ll go from the oldest to the newest posts…
    One by one. So give me some time…

    A very good travel photo-notes you got here.
    I’ll make my comments now and then… but be sure that I’ll watch all of it.

  3. Thank you, Doina ! I have already posted nearly 700 photo sets on my blog so you can not finish seeing them in one week 🙂 You will find Archives in the bottom of my blog. This photo blog had started in April 2016. You had better start from April 2016 (my archives). This is a photo blog and my diary of road trip Japan. Title of each post is the name of place so please Google and find out where it is 🙂 Please have fun in your spare time 🙂

  4. I am having trouble with G+…. Can’t enter, can’t comment, can’t 1+, I can’t even click on my name… but if here is working, than is just to say “hi”. I am browsing and watching your photos. Thank you for sharing, and hopefully you’ll receive this message. Take care John-san.

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